What is fondue?

  Fondue is a simple style of cooking, referred to as communal dining, that originated in Switzerland.  At Simply 

  Fondue your fondues are prepared tableside and you can enjoy traditional fondues such as melted cheeses and

  chocolates, as well as entree fondues such as beef tenderloin, fresh vegetables, seafood, and chicken.


How much is an average meal for two?

  It varies depending on what you order, but you can order just like you do at any other sit-down dining

  establishment and order appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, etc...On average, most of our guests spend

  anywhere from $20 to $45 per person.

 What is the dress code?

  No cutoff shorts or sleeveless shirts or tank tops are allowed.  Our patrons come relaxed in jeans and proper shirt

  or if dining before an event will oftentimes dine in evening wear.  Whatever you are most comfortable in and

  whatever the occasion is acceptable.

How long does it take to eat there?

  Simply Fondue prides itself on being a casual dining experience served at a casual pace.  Our professional service

  staff can get you out in any amount of time needed.  However, a standard time with no "hurry" instructions from

  our guests takes approximately 1.5-2 hours per visit.  Fondue is a dinner intended to allow you to talk and visit

  with your guest(s).

Do I have to have reservations or can I just walk in?

  You do not have to have a reservation, but on most nights we would highly recommend one to ensure your

  desired seating time.  We do accept walk-ins, but they will not be sat until after our confirmed reservations are

  sat or after 15 minutes of a confirmed reservation not yet having shown up.

Do we have a menu for individuals with food allergies or those with gluten-free needs?

  Yes we do.  Please call your location as our offerings may vary from location to location.

Do we do anything special for birthdays or anniversaries?

  Yes we do.  If you let us know it is your birthday or anniversary prior to dining we will surely make it extra-

  special.  Additionally, we can do flowers, decorations, balloons, or anything else you would like...just let us know.

 Frequently Asked Questions